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If you have a Regions checking account, you can conveniently order or reorder checks. Harland Clarke is the printing provider of the checks that Regions customers use. The checks are available in a broad selection including scenic, cause-related and classic checks. The check printing provider also makes available checkbook covers, address labels, check registers, deposit tickets and much more. The steps you need to follow when ordering for your check will depend on whether it is the first check order or it is a check re-order and where you need it from. The options available offer great convenience, but most importantly are made secure in order to protect your account.

Your check order for the first account can only be placed by visiting your local Regions branch, or by calling Regions at 1-800-734-4667. Regions as a financial institution has an obligation in making this requirement necessary for security reasons. The checks will also be only sent to the mailing address associated with your account. After ordering for the check, you will be able to check the status of that particular order online at https://www.ordermychecks.com/. Your first check order can therefore not be made through your online banking account or even directly from Harland Clarke.

However, check reorders are the most convenient as you can place them through your local branch, online banking account or Harland Clarke. If you can visit your local Regions branch, you can easily place a check reorder from there under the guidance of the relevant staff if needed. If you are enrolled for the online banking service, you can reorder checks from anywhere, anytime. You will only need to make a regions.com login using your Online ID and Password. Once logged in, choose “Customer Service,” then go to “Account Services” where you can click “Reorder Checks.” The checks reordered are usually sent to the same mailing address used for the last check you ordered. To check the status of check reorders placed online, you can log in to your online banking account or visit https://securebank.regions.com/login.aspx?brand=regions.

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If you want to place your check reorders through Harland Clarke, you will need to provide certain information. The information required will include account number, state routing and transit number, and the starting number of your next check order. The mailing address of the last check order will be used when sending the checks. The check reorders from Harland Clarke or even checking the order status can both be done online at https://www.ordermychecks.com/ for convenience.