– Regions Visa CheckCard

Regions CheckCard is a Visa debit card that makes it very convenient to make payments for products or services at any accepted locations. It is a secure means of making payments whether at your local stores or online stores. You can as well use the checkcard to pay for your bills. The money you pay is usually debited from your checking account and therefore the debit card gives you all the control you need over your money. You can only spend the money you have unlike the case with credit cards. With your Regions CheckCard, you will not have to worry about any interests and bills to pay at the end of the month.

If you travel a lot, the Regions CheckCard is also a great choice because it can be used anywhere around the world where Visa debit cards are accepted. You can perform many transactions or even get cash using the card at any Visa branded ATM. This is why the card comes in handy for travelers when in need for cash to pay for services especially in foreign countries. Many businesses around the world also accept payments made using Visa debit cards.

Since the card allows you to make payments directly from your checking account, it significantly minimizes the need for cash in many situations. It is an important tool for your financial management because all the transactions you make using the Regions CheckCard are recorded and provided through a monthly statement. This is not the case with most transactions paid using cash. Writing of checks is also a hassle you can avoid by using the card. Advanced security features are usually applied to make sure your card is protected from theft and fraud.

Making purchases with your Regions CheckCard is very easy and convenient for anyone. You simply present the card to a cashier or choose the “credit” option if prompted, then signing your receipt. When making purchases online or on phone, you will need to provide the card’s number and its expiry date. Whichever method you are going to use, payments will be direly deducted from your checking account.

Using your Regions CheckCard also gives you an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the Regions Cashback Rewards program. You are automatically enrolled for the cash back rewards program if you have the card and an active Regions checking account, but you can choose to opt out at anytime. You will receive special offers tailored to your pattern of making purchases and can make money by activating and redeeming the offers at participating retailers or service providers.