– Regions Cashback Rewards

Whenever you make purchases using your Regions CheckCard or Now Card, you get an opportunity to earn cashback rewards. You are automatically qualified for this program if you have any of the Regions Visa cards. You can therefore to take advantage of the offers made by participating retailers and service providers. The offers are usually made within your Regions Online Banking transactions page or even within your mobile banking account. The offers made to you are tailored to the patterns of your spending, but no retailer or service provider is allowed access to your personal banking information.  Not unless you opt out of the Regions Cashback Rewards program, you can enjoy the rewards regardless of what purchases you make from the participating retailers or service providers.

The steps you should follow so that you can start taking advantage of the Regions Cashback special offers are very easy. When the offers are made within your online banking page, you only need to click if you are interested. Clicking the offer activates it, so that if you go shopping with Regions CheckCard or Now Card the offer can be redeemed. Finally, your cashback reward will end up being deposited into the checking account linked with the Regions Visa CheckCard.

Every Regions Cashback Rewards offer you get within the transaction history of your online banking or mobile banking usually has its own qualifications. You may be required to make purchases of specified amounts, while the offer is also available within a specified period of time before expiry. You should therefore carefully study the details of the offers you are interested in before clicking to activate them. The offers are only displayed when available and there is no limit to the cash back you can earn. Using your cards in more wars means you get more offers that you can activate to earn more money deposited into your Now Card or your checking account.

You do not need to enroll for the Regions Cashback Rewards program as that is automatically done for you as long as you have an active Regions checking account and CheckCard or Now Card. It is also free to take advantage of this rewards program. To see the offers, log in for online banking and look in the transactions page, under related transactions. A summary page for the rewards program also lists all the offers available, offers already activated, redeemed offers, expirations dates and other specific details of each offer.